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- NEW SERVER ON 1/20/17
- Patch notes and updates will be posted on our Discord, so please join our server to stay up to date on all server changes.
- Custom made Discord " Exile Bot" to assist you when admins are not available. "Exile Bot" also can remind you to pay Territroy fees Via discord. Discord info listed at bottom. 

    - >  INTRODUCING NBG'S SEASON 1 "TOP FRAG CHALLENGE" Top 3 Fraggers win Amazon Gift Cards at the end of the season!!!

- SECRET HIDDEN TRADER! That will move around.

- Balanced Vehicle\weapon loadout for maximum fun !
- Virtual Garage
- Advanced Sling Loading/ Towing
- Urban Rappelling
- Custom view distance Xm8 App
- Custom Status Bar
- Custom Trade Zones
- Custom built bridges to islands
- Custom Radiation zone
- Dynamic Missions including, Shipwrecks and Supply Drops
- Ryan's Zombies
- $2K Starting Tabs
- High Loot makes it EZ For Bambi's
- CUPS ( Unit, Weapon, Vehicle )
- Extended Base Mod
- Outstanding Frames Per Second
- Honest and active Admin\Moderators team there to support you and your group

General Server Rules: This is a PVP Server. you WILL get shot at and die by other players. Not everyone is friendly.

- ONE WARNING SYSTEM If you are told once, the next time will be a perm ban.
- No Hacking or Exploiting
- English Only in Sidechat
- No VOIP in Sidechat
- No racism/ toxic language in Sidechat
- Respect fellow Players & Admins at all times
- We will not spawn vehicles lost due to server\game malfunctions
- If your vehicle is NOT stored, it is NOT safe. Use the virtual garage at your base.
- No Kamikazi (ie. Flying into bases\other players)


Trade Zones: Rules

- DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE IN TRADE ZONES! Vehicles will UNLOCK after server restarts!
- Players MAY engage in combat outside of the 250m tradezone safe space. e.g. Johnny is running to tradezone; So is Timmy. Johnny and Timmy both engage in a fire fight. Timmy kills Johnny.
- No Killing in Trade Zones
- No Vehicle Destruction in Trade Zones
- No Ramming in Trade Zones
- NO TROLLING in Safe Zones ( ie. standing where a heli is going to land and looting before it even hits the ground, waiting for owner to jump out to loot it, hiding under vehicles, just being a troll in general )
- If you find an UNATTENDED vehicle in a safe zone that is unlocked, you may steal it. LOCK YOUR STUFF, BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!!



- Flags must be placed in an accessible manner. This means that opponents stealing a flag should be able to open the menu to the flag to steal it. THE FAT PART OF THE POLE MUST BE COMPLETLY EXPOSED, OR YOUR BASE MAY BE DELETED. Flags can be put between walls or pillars to protect it, as long as a player can properly steal the flag.

- Do not layer more than TWO walls or TWO floors to any room in your base. If more than TWO walls or floors are layered, an admin will remove the excess walls.

Bases are subject to deletion if the following guidelines are broken:

- NO BUILDING within 700m from the CENTER of spawn points
- NO BUILDING within 700m from the CENTER of Safe zones
- NO BUILDING within 700m from the CENTER of military bases
- NO BUILDING within 400m from the CENTER of large industrial areas
- NO BUILDING within 400m of hospitals
- NO BUILDING within 400m of airports
- NO BUILDING within 400m from fuel stations

^^^ NO L.O.S. (Line of sight) to ANY of these above building guidelines.^^^

If your base is on the edge of any of these protected areas and you have L.O.S, you must follow these rules:
- no building WINDOWS in the direction of the protected area
- no OPEN BASE SECTIONS in the direction of the protected area
- no ROOF ACCESS if you have L.O.S. anywhere towards a protected area

These Rules will be strictly enforced.


- Zulu Beard
- Han Yolo


- Jenzo


Please report players, bases and bugs @

For immediate assistance visit our Discord @

Feel free to use the discord, private channels available just ask an admin. 

Please enjoy your stay!

- Neckbeard Gaming Team