Introducing NBG.CSGO!

Fri 23rd Sep 2016 - 4:11am : Gaming

We are happy to announce the addition of our new competitive CS:GO team.


Please welcome:


Kyle 'MagnetSh0CK' Engelman

Tom 'tconnors' Connors

Daniel 'Omerta' Rodriguez

James "w0nder' Ferenc

Joe 'Yallahall' Eak


They are currently 2-1 in ESEA-Intermediate. You can watch their next match this Tuesday, September 27th @ 10:30PM.


LAN History:


Groups - Fragadelphia 6

1st - DC eSports LAN November 2015

3rd - Fragadelphia 6.5

9th - Fragadelphia 7

2nd - The Cave Fairfax March 2016

Groups - Fragadelphia 8


League History:


ESEA Open Season 21: 13-3

Post Open Season 21: 4-1

ESEA IM Season 22: 10-6

Post IM Season 22: 0-1



Augustin Guley

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