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Sat 18th Feb 2017 - 6:04am : MMO Reviews


Revelation Online introduces us to the vibrant and unique open world of Nuanor. This highly anticipated, upcoming MMORPG will launch off with 6 available classes and an amazing, in-depth character creation tool with sliders for everything from leg thickness to individual eye colours.

Each class has a distinctive role in the game, Vanguards (tank), Blademaster (melee DPS), Gunslinger (Single target ranged DPS), Swordsmage (ranged AOE DPS), Occultist (ranged DPS/support), Spiritshaper (Healer). While these classes appear to be somewhat set in stone using the ‘trinity-system’ (Tank, Healer, DPS), Revelation Online provides the ability to freely distribute points into character attributes. Meaning you can have a more damaging tank or a damage dealing healer. Not to mention higher levels have the ability to upgrade skills to include bonus buffs. All these settings means even with the same role everyone is unique and you can make them fit your own playstyle.


Another interesting aspect of Revelation Online is that it has 3 different movement settings. This allows players to choose their preferred combat settings, whether that be click-to-move, wasd with tab-targeting or action-mode. It should also be noted that combat in Revelation Online is not limited to just battling on the ground. The game also includes flight combat as well as underwater combat. Meaning you will have to adapt to different settings while playing to get the most out of your experience.

Wondering how flight works? Well that’s simple, you get beautiful, huge wings to allow your character to soar over the world and get to locations. This travel method is much faster than simply walking or even riding a mount, although there are flying mounts as well!

Revelation Online gives a somewhat familiar yet different feel from games in the same genre, it has been compared with Blade and Soul and TERA quite predominately. The world of Nuanor looks and feels like that from Blade and Soul while the combat has more of a TERA feel to it. What sets this apart is the freedom of choices available in Revelation Online. With a marriage system, ability to interact with other players by hugging, carry them around or riding mounts together to just start with. It also has a housing system so you can have your own personal location to sit, relax and decorate your own home.

Other aspects of the game include;

  • The huge open world, with no loading screens, ever.
  • The job and crafting systems are in-depth.
  • There is a day and night cycle.
  • Variety in PVP for those not as interested in PVE including; 
  • PVP arena or battle grounds with 10v10, 20v20 or 50v50 matches
  • Also includes guild vs guild and castle sieges.1v1 player duels anywhere and anytime.

While the game seems pretty well balanced and fun, there is the main con that the combat feels somewhat stiffer than other games, especially compared to the fluid feel that Blade and Soul’s combat possesses. However, if that can be looked past Revelation Online offers so much for any MMORPG fan and is worth immersing into a fantastical storyline and stunning world that is Nuanor, with open beta being publically available from March 6th.  



Augustin Guley

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