TopicCommon Mistakes You Make While Exercising - Avoid Them to Get Perfect Abs in No Time

  • Fri 7th Dec 2018 - 7:18am

    Bodyweight Over Under Chinups - Grab a pullup bar with a mixed grip. One palm is facing towardsTestogen  you while the other palm is facing away from you. Pull yourself up so that your chin clears the bar. Half way through the set switch the grips. Pair this movement with the Dumbbell Close-Grip Floor Press and a lower body movement, and you have a full body workout.Bodyweight Knuckle Pushup - These are simply regular pushups done on your knuckles. Make a tight fist, and place them on the floor. Perform a pushup. At first, you may want to try the movement on a softer surface. Combine this movement with the Bodyweight Under Over Chinup and a lower body movement and you have a full body workout. This movement also works your triceps, shoulders and chest.Bodyweight Chin Up - Grab a pullup bar with both palms facing you. Pull your body up so that the chin clears the bar. This movement also works the biceps. Pair this exercise with a chest and lower body exercise for a full body workout.Dumbbell Crunch - Most of the other movements, such as the Dumbbell Pushup Row and Chinups also work the abs. However, if you feel you need extra abdominal work, then this is a good movement as well. Get into crunch position and hold one or two dumbbells straight out in front of you, over your head. Crunch up, trying to keep the Dumbbell above your head at all times.



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