TopicHow to make your Google account more secure

  • Fri 8th Mar 2019 - 1:56pm

    Only a complicated password is not enough to secure your Google account, especially at today’s time. Today Google will hold most of everyone’s information. Mostly everyone uses Gmail, Google Chrome, and many other Google services. Just think about your stuff that is stored on Google, your Emails in Gmail, your personal data in Google Drive, your images in Google Photos, your Hangout chats, and much more. Concerning how to secure it?

    Though, Google provides some advanced security features that you can use to protect your account from hackers, unauthorized access, and some other malpractices.

    Step 1: Start with Security Check

    1.    Access ‘Security Check-up’.

    2.    Add or Update a recovery phone number and email address: It is a powerful security feature. This will secure your account from suspicious activities like login without your permission and also alert you if anyone does. This will also help in to recover your account when locked.

    3.    Enable 2-step verification: This will protect your account from hackers and others even if they got your password.

    4.    Remove apps accessing your account: If there is any unnecessary or unknown app having your account access consider removing it.

    5.    Use Screen Lock: Enable a password-protected screen lock on your device. This will prevent your device from being used without your authorization.

    Source:- Quickbooks Support

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 7:06am

    It is good to know about the security provided to the google account.  Hostsailor services I have gone through your blog to know about the steps given to provide the security. By accessing the security checkup and following the remaining steps you can provide security to the google account. 

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