Tconnor's Montage #2

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    CBD, also called Cannabidiol, is just one of 85 different chemical compounds in marijuana plants. CBD Hemp Oil is derived from hemp, or cannabis grown with very little THC (often less than 0.3%). For the sake of this article we will refer to marijuana as cannabis grown for its psychoactive effects, and hemp as cannabis grown for its practical uses as a fiber. Marijuana is marketed for its THC content and hemp is utilized for its CBD content.


    THC is the psychoactive or intoxicating compound found in cannabis plants whereas, CBD oil is not psychoactive or intoxicating and has shown strong signs of being an effective treatment for a variety of diseases and mental health disorders.

    Where Can I Get CBD Hemp Oil?


    Hemp oil is legal in all 50 states but the production of CBD Hemp Oil is not. Even though both come from marijuana, hemp oil is derived from sterile cannabis seeds, which are legal under the Controlled Substances Act. CBD Oil is derived from the plant's flowers which are not legal in some states. However, this doesn't stop the import of CBD oil made from industrialized hemp grown legally, which is why you're able to buy it legally on the internet.


    You can find products containing hemp oil in the beauty section of your local retail store, but to get CBD Oil you'll either need to be in a state where it's legal to produce or purchase an import.


    CBD Hemp Oil Health Benefits


    CBD Oil has been shown to have surprisingly positive effects on a variety of diseases. Some of the Cannabidiol health benefits are:

    1.Nausea treatment

    2.Lowered anxiety

    3.Pain relief

    4.Improved mood

    5.Lessening withdrawal symptoms

    6.Seizure reduction

    7.Stimulating appetite


    CBD works by activating the body's serotonin (anti-depressant effect), vanilloid (pain relief), and adenosine (anti-inflammatory effect) receptors. How quickly you start to feel the results from CBD Oil depends on how it was ingested and your weight. Someone small who ingested the oil in spray form will feel the effects much faster than a larger person ingesting CBD in capsule form.






  • Thu 29th Mar 2018 - 1:28pm

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